Get to know Organic India!

Get to know Organic India!

ORGANIC INDIA‘s mission is dedicated to True Wellness transcending all levels, creating  the highest quality products for consumer’s health while providing regenerative support for the environment and thousands of Indian family farmers. ORGANIC INDIA produces a full line of organic, stress-relieving Tulsi Tea cultivated from farms across Northern India.   Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil, and considered very sacred in India.

Tulsi is an adaptogen to uplift and restore health. Additionally, ORGANIC INDIA produces over 20 herbal supplements, gathered from the harvest of acres upon acres of certified organic farmland in India, including Ashwaghandha, Triphala, and Turmeric. ORGANIC INDIA strives to enhance the livelihood of farmers employed in India by providing premium wages, education, and free healthcare to the farmers and their families, while also empowering women and widows.

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