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Summer Shape Up From the Inside Out!

Tips from Tunie’s Nutritionist

Prepare & Protect Your Skin!

• Nature’s Way Hydraplenish supplements contain nutrients and collagen that can  help support healthy skin.
• Choose a multi vitamin that provides B complex with PABA, which protects your  skin from harsh UV rays.
• Aloe Vera is an effective sun protector –  you can take it internally as well as  applying it topically. A little overdone by  the sun? Try it for after- sun moisturizing.
• Moisturizing your skin is an important part  of an overall anti-aging approach. Use  formulas with high quality collagen,  orthosilicic acid, hyaluronic acid and  Vitamins E, D3 and A. These will support  collagen production and draw moisture to  the skin, for a beautiful summer glow!

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Slim Down for Summer!

• Support your digestive system so you can  enjoy Summer BBQ’s and picnics. Spice  things up with ginger, it provides delicious  flavor and supports digestion.
• A full spectrum enzyme can help handle  higher than usual intake of fats and  carbohydrates. Garden of Life probiotics are superior in managing changes in diet.
• Add a tropical treat, papaya, to your  summer dishes and salsa. It’s delicious,  refreshing and good for your belly!
• Include more fresh salads and try  dressing them with oil and lemon juice.  Raw vegetables fill you up and provide a  lower calorie option to help with weight  loss goals
• Garden of Life Raw FIT meal  replacements come in great flavors that  contain the hunger-busting, fat-burning  ingredients to keep you on target for your  body shaping goals.

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Need some help or a customized  approach, visit Tunie’s today!

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