Nutritional Blood Analysis

Assess your nutritional profile and develop a personalized health and wellness program – with just a simple finger prick

Blood Analysis: 30-minute appointments for $49

Blood Analysis + Tunie's Market

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What is Nutritional Blood Analysis?

Nutritional Blood Cell Analysis is an easy and affordable way to analyze your current state of health and help you develop a personalized road map to wellness. During your session, our specialist Dr. Chris Allison will analyze a drop of your blood for nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, toxicity, liver stress, yeast overgrowth, and more. With this comprehensive and interactive assessment, he can help you understand what needs to be adjusted in your diet and lifestyle to improve your quality of life.

What will a blood analysis show me about my health?

Your 30-minute blood analysis session will address a variety of potential health problems, such as low energy, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, memory issues, hypoglycemia, liver stress, immune function, fatigue, and much more.

Each appointment includes:


    Dr. Allison will provide you with a clear picture of your health and a better understanding of why you feel the way you do.


    You will walk away from your session with a step-by-step plan to restore your health and energy, including diet, exercise, and supplement recommendations.


    Your program will take into consideration your nutritional needs, dietary behaviors, and hormonal tendencies. Dr. Allison will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding your blood, nutrition, diet, anti-aging therapies, hormone testing, and much more.

What can I expect during my appointment?

During your 30-min appointment, Dr. Allison will use a drop of blood from a painless finger stick and put it under a high powerful Zeiss microscope. The microscope has a high-resolution digital camera that feeds a live video of your blood to a 20” wide screen.

Dr. Chris Allison

Chris Allison DOM is formally trained as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is licensed as an Acupuncturist. His love of helping people took him into Functional Medicine, Hormone Balancing, Neurochemistry and Endocrinology. 

As a young adult he learned the interaction between our mind, body, and spirit and teaches how they are all interconnected and influence the experiences we have in life. 

With the diverse training Chris has, he can take complex symptom patterns and explain in easy to understand terms just what is going on and how to rebalance in a way that takes care of the core reasons we feel the way we do. 

Many people who have been to numerous MD’s and holistic practitioners are able to finally get the answers they need to become balanced and fit again.

Blood Analysis: 30-minute appointments for $49
"There are thousands of vitamins and supplements out there, so I want to feel like I'm actually getting what's best for me and my body. Dr. Allison's appointments give me that peace of mind."
Julien B.