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They’re more than just a pet… They’re family.

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Nothing but the best for your furry friend

At Tunie’s Fresh Pet Market, we understand that pets are family. And if you’ll settle for nothing but the best for your family, shouldn’t you do the same for your cat or dog?

An extensive selection of raw, organic pet food at
Tunie's Fresh Pet Market in Coral Springs

The world of raw, organic, and all-natural pet food can be confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Your pet’s diet has an immense effect on their wellbeing, and making a significant switch could be just the ticket to a lot more tail wags and toothy grins. At Tunie’s, we carry the most popular, trusted, raw and organic pet food brands, such as Primal and Stella & Chewy’s, in addition to pet supplements from NaturVet and Vital Planet.

Even if you’re comfortable with your pet’s current diet, take a look around or talk to our pet diet experts to learn more about the various options you might not have known about before. Who knows? Going fresh might turn out to be the best decision you could make for your fur baby.

Curious about raw pet food?

So what exactly is a raw pet food diet? Is it different than organic? Are there proven benefits? What about risks?

We know that finding the right diet for your cat or dog is stressful, which is why we put together Tunie’s Guide to Fresh Pet Food. Check it out today to learn everything you need to know about raw, organic, and all-natural pet diets.

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