5 Steps to Increase Your Motivation
to Eat Healthy

It happens every January 1st. We start off the year strong, our well-thought-out goals and aspirations laid out in front of us, our motivation to work hard and achieve our goals at its highest point. Then, as life returns to normalcy after the holiday season, we often find ourselves drifting back into old habits. 

Many of us tend to focus our New Year’s resolutions on establishing healthy habits such as joining a gym and working out with a personal trainer, changing eating habits, and incorporating healthy recipes into our everyday life, and overall, simply trying to stay on track to reach our goals. As life gets in the way, finding the motivation to eat healthy can often prove challenging. 

Don’t give up! 2021 started with such hope, such passion, such an immense longing for change — so let’s make this the year you don’t give up on your New Year’s resolution(s)! 

Tunie’s wants to help you live the healthy lifestyle you desire. We know you can do it! These are some of our favorite tried-and-true methods to increase your motivation to eat healthy and feel good!

Set Small, Attainable Goals

Thinking big might seem like the thing to do at the beginning of a brand new year, but oftentimes, these grandiose ideas are not all that attainable. It’s important to put your desires in perspective and have an honest conversation with yourself about whether this is actually something you can realistically achieve. Instead of one big objective, break your resolution down into smaller steps that will help you ultimately reach your goal. You’ll find it much easier, and satisfying, to cross off those smaller to-do items as you steadily work toward the bigger picture.

For example, say weight loss is your goal. Rather than completely cutting out junk food all at once, start with limiting your fast food consumption to one or two times a week, or only eat dessert on the weekends. From there, you can challenge yourself further by cooking healthy meals at home or meal prepping for the week. Once you have mastered these healthy diet changes, you can move forward with meal plans and other ways to start eating in a more mindful, healthful way that will result in losing weight.

Stay Accountable for Your Actions

Keeping track of your meals and writing down your goals can help you stay motivated to eat healthy foods. You can keep a personal food journal, where you can log all of your meals, calories, etc., and really get a grasp on your eating habits to see where you need to make changes. 

If you feel like you need outside accountability, join a support group or use an online forum that gets your friends and family involved. When other people are aware of your plan, you’re more likely to stick to it, knowing that someone else will find out if you’ve strayed. 

Be Mindful and Keep a Positive Attitude

This year, throw any and all negativity out the door. It does nothing but stand in the way of you achieving the goals you made on January 1st. Research shows that staying present and ridding yourself of negative thoughts can greatly improve your overall satisfaction with life. 

Even if you start to go back to old ways, forgive yourself. Don’t beat yourself up — that will only fill your mind with negative thoughts and sap your motivation to keep moving forward. Remember that it’s okay to hit a snag every once in a while. All you have to do is pick yourself back up, brush off the mistake, and start over.

Get Comfortable in Your Kitchen

If you already like to cook, now is the time to shine! Break out that collection of cookbooks you have stashed away, and let your inner chef go crazy. Even if you aren’t the most comfortable in the kitchen, you can find plenty of cookbooks, websites, and blogs that are filled with healthy recipes easy enough for the home cook.  

Not sure where to start? Check out some of these good-for-you recipes. We’re getting hungry just reading through the ingredients!

In addition to trying new recipes, it can be exciting to stock up on new kitchen gadgets and appliances that help make cooking healthy more interesting. For example, purchasing an AirFryer opens up an entirely new way of recreating your favorite fried foods in a much healthier way. Love French fries? Clearly, the fast food version is not ideal, but AirFryer French fries are both healthy and delicious! Fried chicken, crispy calamari, buffalo cauliflower… the sky’s the limit!

Having new pots and pans, a new set of knives, or even a new serving platter to set out at mealtime will help get you excited to start cooking.

Shop at Tunie’s to Stay on Track

You can find all of the healthy ingredients needed for home cooking right here at Tunie’s,  your everyday low-priced natural foods market. Whether you have decided to follow the Keto diet, go gluten-free or vegan, or switch to all-natural and organic products, we have more than 30,000 items for you to choose from.

Keep an eye out — pretty soon we will open our very own fresh juice bar, which will make keeping your New Year’s resolution to eat and drink healthier this year even easier to achieve!

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